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Working With An EA

If You’re Not Prepared For Tax Day


An Enrolled Agent

Whether you need individual tax planning or assistance with rental properties, you’ll get the help you’re looking for from the enrolled agent at Digital Accounting & Tax Services, LLC. An enrolled agent is a person licensed by the Internal Revenue Service required to pass a suitability check, take an extensive test covering individual and business taxes as well as representation issues, and undergo 72 hours of additional education every three years. They have the most extensive licensing provided by the IRS, valid across the entire country.

Our EA tax preparer has the skills and experience needed to make sure you’re fully prepared when Tax Day rolls around.  Instead of scrambling around at the last minute trying to prepare your taxes, set up a free consultation at Digital Accounting & Tax Services. We serve residents of Everett, Kent, and Tacoma, WA.

The enrolled agent at Digital Accounting & Tax Services specializes in all areas of taxation, including:

  • Individual returns
  • Payroll tax issues
  • Business returns
  • Sales tax returns
  • Rental income returns
  • Business consultations
  • Corporation returns
  • Business consultations
  • Expatriate returns
  • Fiduciary and estate returns
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Partnership returns
  • Audit representation
  • LLC returns

An EA can also help you with tax planning, business organization, retirement and home purchase and sale planning. Our EA tax preparer works hard to set you or your company up for financial success. Speak with the enrolled agent at Digital Accounting & Tax Services about your needs. 

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